We are leaving now…

Alas, eleventy-one months is far too short a time to spend among such excellent, such admirable hobbits.  We don’t know half of you half as well as we should like and we like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.  We…have things to do.   We regret to announce — this is The End.  We are going now.  We bid you all a very fond farewell.  GOODBYE.

-Frodo And Legolas


25 Responses to “We are leaving now…”

  1. ~~Atanvarne~~ Says:

    Are you leaving!? You can't be!

  2. SingaporeGirl Says:

    You can't be leaving! You can't I've enjoyed your blog soooooooooo much!!

  3. SingaporeGirl Says:

    You can't be leaving! You can't I've enjoyed your blog soooooooooo much!!

  4. totustuus Says:

    You will be sorely missed here on HSB…but I will still check your blogs frequently!!

  5. hey it must too early in the morning for me to understand you post…but

    thanx for the comment 🙂

  6. Sweettunes Says:

    hey girls you both are tagged bye me come to my blog to see more about it!

  7. POTCgirl Says:

    Bye ladies! Thank-you for the comment you left on my blog. We will all miss you!!!

  8. mandygrace Says:

    We will miss you here at HSB! (But that was a very clever way of saying goodbye. 🙂


  9. CamtheMan Says:

    That was always one of my favorite parts in the first LOTR, it always got a laugh out of me…LOL!


  10. nikisnotebook Says:

    Are you actually leaving? Are those links to your other blogs? Whose is whose? Will you still come back and post every now and then?

  11. Jocelyndixon Says:

    Not funny… I'm one of your best friends and I didn't know? sniff…

    Well, bye, at least from HSB. I will still visit your blog! and soon, reply to, L's email!

    Love you, dears!


  12. tatertots Says:

    Hey! I'm blogging again. Stop by soon.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hello! How are you? I gave you an award on my blog site. Come and see!



  14. Frodo, you asked who the artist was who painted my header–his name is John William Waterhouse.

    Love you, girls!


  15. Cornflower Says:

    I tagged you on my blog! Come and see! Read The entry before the latest then the first if you want but all you NEED to do in the first is read the end.
    ~Miss Corn~

  16. hey i forgot u come and get quotes! yeah i should keep posting one everyday then…sorry!

  17. Ringbearer Says:

    Thank you for all the kind comments. Yes, we are leaving this little blog but not the blogosphere. We have left a hint to you where our new blogs are located, but if you can't find the links then we are so sorry you won't be visiting us again.

    For all who have been curious about our ages. Frodo, the redhead, is 14 years old and Legolas is 12.

    Thanks again for your cyber-friendship and we hope to meet again.

    With you on the quest,
    Frodo and Legolas

  18. Hi there! My sisters have new blogs, and they would love it if you would leave them a comment. Their names are Sunshine and HorsieBabe (on the bottom of my friends list). I've got a new post, stop by soon, and read it.

  19. Jocelyndixon Says:

    I am not sure which one of you left me a comment, but I will reply here. ; )

    Nice poem! Thank you for sharing… it was very exciting…


  20. EldestOf5 Says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YOu are not going to blog anymore??? I will miss you!!! NOOOOO!!!


  21. Jocelyndixon Says:

    I already left you a comment on your blogspot, Raora, but I don't know if it posted. I have a extremely hard time getting comments/posting on blogspot. I guess that's why I avoid it. haha… I tried again to post on your ragcurls, but it wouldn't load the letter image. I'll just post here. ; )

    I love your hair all ragcurled. I think that having them in your hair looks better than when you take them out, but I wouldn't go anywhere with ragcurls rolled in my hair. lol Your hair looks lovely when it's all finished. I am so glad it turned out well. Did I tell you that when we first did Amanda's hair (about your length) in ragcurls, I put them too tight and she had an afro when we were done. lol

    Anyway, looks very nice. Not excellent an elvish hairstyle, but it definitely goes on you. ; )

    I looked over your sidebar…. you have a lot of neat things on there. ; )


  22. Jocelyndixon Says:

    Hey there… thanks for stopping by my new blog (and signing my guestbook – 2x – lol)…

    Did I reply to your last email? I forget.


  23. littlebrowngirl Says:

    Like the icon and asome blog !
    Mind if i add you/you add me?

  24. Jocelyndixon Says:

    You haven't been by and I know you're busy. : ) But I wanted to stop by and tell you I was thinking of you. Hope you're doing well. Praying for you.


  25. Ringbearer

    I do not know you from Adam but I found your blog by searching random blogs when I was looking for random people to tag. Check out my blog for the rules.


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