From My Commonplace Book…

“We are not powerless specks of dust drifting around in the wind, blown by random destiny.  We are, each one of us, like beautiful snowflakes, unique and born for a specific reason and purpose.”

-Elixabeth Kubler Ross



6 Responses to “From My Commonplace Book…”

  1. And about the Ramen noodles… maybe I'll just wait till next week to tell Antion! =)

    Last night we saw each other and he tried speaking to me in English, so we had a bit of confusion, but then he switched to Spanish.
    Antion: *says something which I don't understand*
    me: *realizes that it is dark and he is banging around looking for something and probably wants the light on, furthermore, I head the word light*
    *turns on light*
    Antion: "Gracias."

    At least he said something which I could have figured out even if it was in Japanese, and not something like "What's an elephant's favorite food?" ^_^

  2. Mahtaliel Says:

    Ooooooooh……..that's such a wonderful quote. ^_^

  3. EldestOf5 Says:

    I like the new template!! and the music! come see me soon!


  4. SingaporeGirl Says:

    I know you might think I'm stupid, but I only just heard of common place books. In my favorite series of books, 'Series of Unfortnate Events'. I might start one myself. Hopefully I can start one on intresting quotes I like for my own intrest.

    Singapore Girl

  5. CarpeBanana Says:

    this only goes so far. Most of us do not have 6 sides.

  6. nikisnotebook Says:

    Sorry I haven't commented much on your blog lately! That is an interesting quote. Well stop by soon!

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