Greek, Roman and Norse Mythology

Recently I have been reading about Norse mythology and the parallels between the gods of the Vikings and the gods of the Greeks and Romans struck me as quite interesting.  The parallels between the Greek and Roman gods alone are quite well known, as the Romans adopted their religion from the Greeks, but the Vikings also have similar deities.  They are all very similar, so much so that I have been able to compare them individually, as follows.

Greek               Roman               Viking
Zeus                Jupiter                 Odin
Aphrodite        Venus                  Freya
Heracles         Hercules            Thor
Apollo              Apollo                  Frey/Bragi
Ares                 Mars                    Tyr
Hermes          Mercury               Thialfi
Dis                   Pluto                    Loki/Hela

I think that the Viking goddess Iduna could have been Artemis (Diana) or Minerva (Athene) but I am not sure.  I also noted other resemblances between these mythologies.  For example, in Greece, the Olympians fought constantly against the Titans.  There seems to be a similarity in Norse mythology.  The gods of Valhalla are also continuously waging war against the giants.

It seems that they all originated from the same source.  So what was that source?  Ancient documents from Herodotus, Plato and others show that the Greeks borrowed their gods from the Egyptians, and the Romans borrowed their gods from the Greeks.  Perhaps Egypt was the founder of these religions.  And where did Egyptian gods come from?  It is believed that, possibly, the Egyptian gods were all really different traits of one god, and the priests characterized each demi-god.  And who was the one main god?  It seems to have been the sun.  And who was the sun?  Well, you can read more about this here.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting.



7 Responses to “Mythology”

  1. Eyebright Says:

    I think that whenever someone hears about the Norse gods, their mind automatically associates them with the Greek and Roman gods, just for the similarities in traits, actions, and the stories told about them.

    I had never thought about them all coming from the Egyptians though. It is an interesting thought.

    I am glad to see you blogging again!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That is really interesting. The parallels between gods are very amazing. I enjoyed reading your post

  3. Hello Legolas,
    I apologize for not having commented in quite sometime.
    That is very interesting, I just recently finished studying Greece and Egypt in history and you are quite right.
    I think the different mythologys of each culture most likely started with Noah's three sons, who told their descendants about the one true God and the true story was warped as it was passed on to each generation. Well, anyway that may have been how it happened.
    Very good post.
    Love to hear from you,

  4. Jocelyndixon Says:

    You posted! YAY! Glad you got your internet back… I'm sure you are!

    Thank you for that interesting post. I like learning about things like that. I did a report about it a few years ago.



    Read my latest post:

  5. rjdjohn316 Says:

    How are you guys? Good i hope!

    Come and read/post on my entry!


  6. Ringbearer Says:

    Thank you all for commenting. Yes, we just got our internet.

    Rose; the link that I gave in my post refers to an article related to the subject that portrayed the sun, the first god, as Ham, Noah's son. If you want to see more about it you can click the link. I though it was very interesting.

    – Legolas

  7. Spitfires Says:

    That's an interesting idea. If the Viking gods came from the Romans, the Roman gods came from the Greeks, the Greek gods came from the Egyptians and the Egyptian gods came from Babylon then that is just more proof that all the civilizations in history spread out from Babylon and the Tower of Babel back in our ancient past. As the peoples left the city they carried the mythologies they had grown up with and over time these stories were altered and adapted until it became a totally different religion.

    Another piece of evidence for a common "starting line" for the various cultures and civilizations is the fact that many, many, different cultures, such as Pacific Islanders, Greeks, Babylonians, Aztecs etc have a "Noah's Flood" legend (with their own gods and amendments of course) that is so similar to the biblical account. See for more information. This is definitely a very interesting idea.

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