The Decline of Humanity

     First of all, let us apologize for neglecting the blogosphere so disgracefully for such a long time! We went on vacation last week and our internet has been down for a long time. Everyone who has commented during this time is appreciated and thanked and we must beg forgiveness for not being able to respond to all of you.

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     We would like to share a very interesting video with you all this week. The video shows women’s faces in art throughout the ages. Starting with Byzantine art, it moves through history all the way up to modern art in rapid progression. It is sadly beautiful.

     Upon observing the video, I noticed that the faces of the girls change as time passes. In the beginning all the faces are gentle and sweet. Gradually they began to look haughty and arrogant, sometimes condescending. The pictures start to lose their clarity. Time passes and girls start looking flirtatious, although I find it interesting to note that behind their beckoning glances and inviting smiles, they somehow look sad too.

     As more time passes the art becomes more and more blotchy and impressionistic. It’s now a little difficult to see the faces clearly. The blotchiness slowly begins to fade and give way to cubes and squares. The pictures are losing their beauty. The girls’ faces all look unreal and they are painted with fake and unnatural smiles.

     Somehow I get the impression that they are the faces we make out of shadows on the wall when we’re really bored. The last drawing looks like a child’s scribbles and the woman’s face has lost all emotions except for a pitiful, languid look of dissatisfaction. Although the video depicts a decline in art, this, I believe, is a grand illustration of the decline of humanity.



5 Responses to “The Decline of Humanity”

  1. Wow. Thank you! That was very interesting!

    In Him,

  2. Eyebright Says:

    I noticed the gradual difference too, although I was also noticing the amazing way they moved from face to face, even if humanity is declining, technology is incredible!

    One way that I have notice human decline is in eyesight. It is not so poignant, but it does show decline. Bluejane got glasses recently, and the lady who helped us said that eyesight gets worse through the generations.

    After thinking about it for a while I asked Mommy if people from, say Bible times, had bad eyesight? Obviously there was the odd blind man, and those with bad eyes, but generally they would have had good eyes.

    Isn't that an interesting thought?

  3. totustuus Says:

    That is remarkable!! I can see how art has declined over the centuries. The modern art is hideous compared to the lovely portraits at the beginning of the video. I also noticed how the women began to look more seductive as time went on. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    I am having a Narnia trivia contest on my blog. There are questions on all 7 books. You may enjoy participating!! The link is:

    Eph. 5:1-2

  4. Anonymous Says:

    my mom thought this video was awesome! and it is. this blog is awesome. awesome. i love homeschooling.

  5. i loved how the faces swirled into each other. the video was sad but i watched it ten times because of the way the pictures changed. eyebright was right, the paintings may be declining, but the technology is really neat.

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