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The Thinking-Blogger Award

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We were awarded the Thinking Blogger Award by Jocelyndixon.  (The Thinking Blogger award is given by one person to five different bloggers whom they feel write posts that make their readers think.  These five bloggers each give the award to five other bloggers.) We are very grateful to Jocelyn for this award.  She also has been a very sweet friend to both of us. 


We have decided to pass the Thinking-Blogger award to the following wonderful bloggers: (These aren’t the only good bloggers but we are only allowed to choose five and these are the ones who came to mind first.)

Sylvia\Aldawen\totustuus from Welcome To My Kingdom – Sylvia writes her ideas and views on life in a courteous and gentle way.  She is not afraid to voice her opinions but she doesn’t write in a way that will offend people and she doesn’t get offended by others who disagree with her views.  She is a sweet and thoughtful blogger.

Sarah Clarkson from Take Joy– Sarah has a very beautiful blog where she writes about different poets, authors and artists, shares quotes, and gives us a peek into her life and thoughts.  

David Boskovic from One Way Purpose –  David writes very moving and powerful articles that truly grip readers and inspire the teens of this generation to live purposefully and make something out of their lives.

Josh Dasher from The Uneducated Homeschooler– Josh has a blog full of deep ideas that make readers think about things in new ways.  Plus, he writes great poetry at his xanga site.   

Hannah Michelle –  Hannah posts wonderful things to encourage and assist young ladies (and gentlemen) in their daily walk with God.  Her blog is a truly inspiring spot in cyberspace. 

With you on the Quest,





How to fold a shirt- Wow!

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Do you hate to fold clothes? Are your drawers a mess? Then this video is for you. Are you a neat freak? Every thing must be perfect? Then this video is for you! Amazing!


The Inklings are Back!

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After a long blogging break the Inklings have returned with a newer and better publication.  They used to publish a monthly newspaper of stories, jokes, riddles, poetry and fun, but NOW they have begun an online radio/video program.  Each month a new broadcast will air over at THE SKOPEO LITERARY SOCIETY inspired by C.S. Lewis.  The first broadcast is ready.  Please go visit and leave a comment.

Our Nature Journal

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Did you know that we have a nature blog?  It’s like an online nature journal.  Please visit if you like nature and poetry. Please visit if you don’t.  : ) 

You do not like them.

So you say.

Try them! Try them! And you may. 

Try them and you may, I say.

Say, I like green eggs and ham!


Frodo and Legolas

Maglor And Silmarillion Summary

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I finished reading the Silmarillion recently.  I enjoyed it very much, though it was riddled with tragedy.  Tolkien made some very good points in the book and, though the tale is full of sub-plots, I think that the main story-line is the Fate Of The Noldor and what they got out of life.  They were so intent on defeating the Darkness of Morgoth  (and regaining their Silmarils) that they missed the whole reason for the war.  (The book, of course, is packed with deep ideas and this is only one)  I wrote a poem trying to capture the way Maglor felt at the end of the book when he is sitting by the seashore and has thrown the last Silmaril into the sea. 




In the chill of the morning when stars no more shine

And the night has been swallowed in cold dawn divine,

By the side of the waters that roll from the deeps

There is one sitting yet and he silently weeps.


These are tears not for Silmarils vanished and gone

They are not for the lost hopes whose pain will live on-

They are shed not for bitter oaths none will confess

Nor for long, ceaseless wandering -Everlasting Darkness.


These are tears for the hopeful hearts crushed by his hand

Tears of longing and grief brought by his own demand-

All his hate for the Darkness- has it come to this?

Or perhaps there was something that somebody missed.


-Written by Frodo

Thanks for nominating us

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We want to say "Thanks" to whoever nominated us for BEST TEEN BLOGGER


We appreciate it!

Frodo and Legolas



Lord of the Rings Display

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This is a picture of our room and my latest dresser theme.




– Legolas


My Commonplace Book

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You know what it is like to read some excellent quote or poem that makes your heart soar, to commit it to memory and then find, a few days later that your memory has failed you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a place to keep all of those  inspirational poems, clever quotes and book passages?A place where you could find them easily and enjoy reading them over and over? This is where the "commonplace book" comes in. The commonplace book can be any notebook, (preferably a durable, nice-looking one) where you can write down all of these things you read that are worth remembering. I started mine this year and I have been collecting quotes from everywhere since then. Whenever I read something worth remembering, I jot it down on a scrap of paper and stick it in-between the leaves of my commonplace book. Later, when I have more time, I copy it down neatly. I’m learning calligraphy right now so that my writing will look beautiful as well.

Over the past few months, my commonplace book has become very important to me. In fact, just a few weeks ago, our family went on a two-day trip to a friend’s house. I spent the whole two days jotting down quotes from a quote book I found there. Everyone thought it was most amusing that I stayed up until eleven at night writing down quotes, but I am the one who carried away the most from that trip and I will never regret having spent all of my time there writing.

The idea of a commonplace book is not new. Did you know that George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Bacon, John Milton, John Locke, George Elliot and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (he wrote Sherlock Holmes) all kept commonplace books as well?


 I think that keeping a commonplace book is a very good idea and you will never regret having done it.




Here's what we look like…

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Legolas and I (Frodo) have finally decided to show the world what we look like.  So… we are!















We are Ringbearers

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Frodo and I and a few of our friends have started a society based upon The Lord Of The Rings . We call ourselves "The Fellowship." We all wear rings that we have put on a chain and keep them under our shirts so that no one sees them. We wanted to do this partly for fun and partly as a symbol of the quest that we are all on. We wanted to symbolize that we are all just like Frodo on a quest to the end. A less exciting word for that quest is LIFE. It is more interesting to call it a perilous journey and make-believe that we are characters from the The Lord Of The Rings but I think that it is also interesting to know that there is a good deal of truth to our "game."  Maybe you would like to join the quest with us and wear a ring.  Just remember:


“Keep it secret.  Keep it safe.”