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There goes a hobbit!

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Is it a hobbit?

Is it an elf?

It’s our sister in her new cloak Frodo made for her. 


The Cat of Bubastes

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     I recently finished The Cat of Bubastes, a book on Ancient Egypt written by G. A. Henty.  It is a story that takes place during the time of Thutmose III.  This ambitious Pharoah attacks the tribe of the Rebu and, defeating their city, brings to Egypt as captive, Amuba, the son of the late Rebu king.  He and his guardian, Jethro are taken as servants of Ameres, the high priest of Osiris.  They soon become close friends of Ameres, and his son and daughter, Chebron and Mysa. 

     After a time they learn that Ameres has interesting views on religion that are not consistent with those of the rest of Egypt and they discover the true meaning of ‘religion,’ its origin, and who the gods really are.

     Life goes on, peaceful and tranquil, until suddenly a tragedy strikes when Chebron accidentally slays the sacred Cat of Bubastes.  In Egypt, the sacred animals are held in great regard, and to inflict hurt upon them means death.  The offender of the gods is discovered, the priest slain, and Chebron forced to flee for his life accompanied by his friends.  They intend to flee to the land of the Rebu, but the journey is long and dangerous, and upon arriving there, after many trials, they find the Egyptians in control of the city, and the throne usurped.  The situation looks hopeless…but…

     You will have to read the book to know the rest!  I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

 – Legolas

From My Commonplace Book…

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Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Posted By Frodo


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Cornflower tagged me.

Name four things you would like to do sometime in your life

1. Go scuba-diving in the Coral Sea.

2. Own my own sailing ship and sail up to the northern seas around Greenland.

 3. Publish The Last War.  (Or at least finish writing it to my satisfaction.)

 4. Go hunting wild boar with a bow and arrow or a spear (My dad has two spears for the purpose but I have not been allowed yet.  I intend to, though, even though I am a girl.)

Name four movies you would have liked to be in and which character would you have liked to play in each?

I wouldn’t really like to play in any movies and if I were I can only think of one; Eowyn, in The Lord of the Rings


3. Name four places you would like to visit sometime in your life.

New Zealand




4.  Name four silly things you have done in your life. 

Almost burned the house down by putting the clothes drying rack too close to the coal stove.  It burned up the floor and rugs and all the clothes. 

I forgot to put flour in the cookies I was baking.

 Saved up my money to buy a chemistry book I really liked and then lost it soon after.

 I have a habit of leaving books wherever I last read them such as: the car, the last tree I climbed, by the roadside, my dad’s office.  Yeah, my mom does NOT like that silly thing about me.

5. Name four of your very favorite foods.

 Ice cream

Sigara böreði (Turkish cigar pastries)

Iskender (sliced meat in tomato sauce, yogurt and spices over pita Turkish style)

Monte Cristo sandwiches

6. Name four books you would have liked to be in and what characters would you have liked to be?

 In The Lord of the Rings, I would have like to be Eowyn.

In the Silmarillion, I would have liked to be Nessa.

In The Last Battle, I would have liked to be Tirian.

In The Dawn Treader I would have liked to be Caspian.

7. Name four things you do not like.

 Rats in the trash

Large insects in the house

Showers: why can’t I just stay clean with a magic wand? Showers waste time. I DO take them, however.  Fear not.

Durian fruit- eeeeuuuugh!

8. Name four people you would like to meet if you could.

 The President

J.R.R. Tolkien
C.S. Lewis

King David

9. Name four historical people you find interesting.

 Albert Einstein

George Washington

Genghis Khan

Mary, Queen of Scotland

10. Name four animals you would like to have – they can be any kind!

 A horse

A horse

A horse and…

A horse!

And I am tagging Biologist


A Lord Of The Rings Christmas

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This year I had a Lord of the Rings Christmas, and, seeing that it fits with the style of our blog, I am going to post about it.  To begin with, I received five Lord of the Rings figures, Eowyn, Frodo, Sam, Aragorn and Bilbo.  I had been watching those packages under the tree for a long time, and they were all the same.  But I never imagined what they really were. 


I also got a large, framed picture of Eowyn, which I put above my dresser, and a mousepad, with a picture of Arwen on it.


My sister and friends put together and printed out a Lord of the Rings calendar with my favorite quotes and my grandmother sent us ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Extended edition.  We watched it on Sunday, New Year’s Eve, a thirteen-hour marathon all at once.  It was wonderful.  I have never had a better Christmas.  Oh, well, I say that every year but this time I really mean it! 


– Legolas


The REAL Definition Of Courage

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When we think of courage, most of us probably picture a “brazen bravery” that has no fears and no doubts.  We think of courageous people as being people who will not flinch when facing danger, who will not feel that stab of fear in their hearts when they meet with perils.  It would be nice if we were really capable of being utterly fearless, wouldn’t it? 

However, I think that in reality we, as humans, are not like this at all.  We are easily frightened – even terrified.  If the definition above is really an accurate description of courage, most of us will never even get close to becoming courageous people- I know I certainly won’t.

This is why it is nice to know that courage is not “fearless bravery.”  It is actually something very different.  I did some research on this recently, trying to find a good definition of what courage REALLY is.  Here are a couple of the most accurate definitions I found:

“Courage is the ability to control fear when facing danger or pain.”   -The Oxford Dictionary

“Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do.  There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”    -Eddie Rickenbacker

 “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”  -Mark Twain

 “Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you’re scared to death.”  – Harold Wilson

 All of these are very good definitions of courage but there is another one that I love the best of all:

 “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” -Dorothy Bernard


That is the REAL definition of courage!