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Chapter Two

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In these years before the siege of Goron, several fruitless victories were achieved and many defeats suffered and there were great deeds of valor and heroism among Men in the defense of the Aramant. When the remnant of the armies was gathered at Goron, Ralan and Athra were among them.  Eturn had fallen in the third year in the battle of The Stars and his house with him, and thus the race of the Great Lords was diminished and lived only in Athra and Elart, the son of Eturn.  
 Therefore Athra led her brother’s armies unto Verasul and was there met by Ralan of the Kings of Men.  And following her came the Dark Army of Renoja.  Ralan was grieved for hope had deserted him and he despaired of any aid.  And the Dark Army approached and Athra gazed out at its greatness and her anger was kindled against the enemy and she swore an oath in the name of the Unnamed One that before the race of Arakun disappeared from the face of the earth the Aramant should be reclaimed and the death of her kinsmen avenged.
 And spirits of darkness and fire entered into the city and contended with the Lords of Men and Arakun and overran the city.  There, Athra fell, but she was buried in secret in the Halls of Silence and her nephew Elart took up her oath upon himself and his descendants.  And the city was taken in the ninth year and Ralan was slain in the last fortnight but Elart took Naldur, the youngest son of Ralan and with a company of Arakun, fled to the harbor of Goron from whence he intended to sail from the Aramant.  And as the ships left the harbor he cried out to the heavens, “Alas for Losia! It is ended.”  And his ships disappeared over the horizon and vanished into the western waters.

Thus the strongholds of the alliance of Men and Arakun in the Aramant were lost and it was overrun by the Enemy.  


 Five centuries later and five thousand miles away in the Losia of Senmark . . .